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Modern or less extravagant furniture? What is your style? Complete the vision of your interior with a sliding door wardrobe
with wooden finish, mirrors, colourful details or other aesthetic ideas. Pick from a wide range of stylistic versions and sizes
to perfectly suit your apartment or house. With such a choice you are sure to find the exact solution your interior needs –
both in terms of elegance and practicality.

Do you enjoy more traditional, classic furniture projects? You do not have to select a sliding door wardrobe! At Dako we
have developed our offer to suit any taste and meet expectations of as wide range of beautiful interior enthusiasts as
possible. The result? Browse it yourself and design your unique, private space.
And yes – we do keep our furniture prices as low as possible! Together with free delivery (check the details in the
‘Delivery’ section) you get an ideal package for your home. So you just focus on finding a perfect style and contact us
whenever you need our assistance in picking the wardrobe (sliding or not) you need.

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